How long are you studying abroad for?
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until june! then i’m off to do research (or at least try to)

What does eel taste like?
+ chiefenigma

it basically tastes like fishy chicken??

someone help

O_o were those your hands? Do you feel like cutting your nails?
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lmao if you think my nails were long in that picture you should see them now. i’m actually supposed to cut them regularly because i have ceramics but…………………… nope. :3

i like long nails, normally because i like painting them. (can’t now.. because ceramics D: )

What does sakura taste like? It looks delicious and pretty! ^^
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oh man if i could win the award for something it’d be being the worst at describing things.

it’s a sweet kind of flavor, nothing flowery at all. someone please help i am terrible at this

Wowowow thank you! This was much more thorough than I was expecting! I'm going to be in Tokyo most of the time, but I might go to osaka for a day, anything there that I'd absolutely have to check out?? Also the blurb about carding will be very useful, thanks for that too!
+ ridiculouss

osaka is really well known for its okonomiyaki, gyoza(?), and takoyaki. so please make sure you eat that when you get here!

also yes, you’re rarely ever carded when you go out drinking. the only times i’ve gotten carded was when i went clubbing (and i hear they’re pretty strict about carding at the club, so yeah if you ever decide to go, bring your passport~!)

OMG you study in Kansai, that's so cool. I love living in the Kansai area, they have the best food.
+ chibimochichan

oh my god yes they do i eat all the time

i’m not joking

my friends nicknamed me the black hole

Was the Sakura burger and drink good?
+ chiefenigma

i haven’t had the burger yet, but the drink was pretty good!

it’s essentially a sakura flavored soda with vanilla soft cream on top. you can never go wrong with floats :) i just wish they didn’t put so much ice in it.

Enjoyed your picture of natto, but what does it taste like? Fascinating to look at, but I've always wondered about the taste, and I've never seen it here in the States.
+ jimsguts

um personally i’ve avoided nattou after a scarring experience from being forced to eat it by itself and completely ruining nattou for me forever, but i hope to try it soon since i didn’t really have it properly. also they sell it in japanese supermarkets in styrofoam packets for about 1 or 2 dollars for a four pack? something like that, it’s really cheap.

here are the responses i’ve gotten from followers:

  • wasabifluxTo me, natto smells and tastes like a combination of milky caramel and slightly funky socks. I like to eat it slightly warmed, on top of hot rice, with soy sauce or ponzu, karashi, and lots of green onion. If I have fresh okra, I also like adding some, lightly boiled and sliced, for the complimentary sliminess and texture.
  • moosesmeesesIn response to the natto question, its definitely an acquired taste. It has a strong smell, and you can either leave it at room temperature or microwave it, and some people put soy sauce on it. It pretty much just tastes what it sounds like - fermented beans. The closest thing I could relate it to flavor-wise would probably be steamed mushrooms, it’s very earthy. And it is suuuuper sticky. Whenever I tried it I ate it three different ways and just ended up not liking it.

those who want to add in their opinion, please reply to this question! :)

I'm going to japan in a month and I was wondering if there were any restaurants/food places you would recommend going to? :D
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well considering the fact that i have no clue where you’re going i can only recommend popular chains in which i hope is okay with you?

any themed cafe that i’ve mentioned, if you’re in tokyo

if you’re 20+ (but they never card… not that i know of so if you look old enough???)

  • an extremely popular izakaya to go to is torikizoku, everything is 280 yen and delicious! i go there pretty often actually -_-
  • izakayas in general because they’re awesome
  • simple tip: never ever ever ever pay 700/800 yen for a beer or cocktail because that’s a fucking ripoff unless you really want to, i can’t stop you.

for the experience, just because

  • mcdonald’s! i don’t know if they’ll still have the sakura drink and all that special stuff but i think you should try it out of curiousity, also the ebi filet-o is sold here, etc
  • mos burger because its not available outside of asia (that i know of.. and i don’t know where you’re from either)
  • domino’s because i have never seen a corn and mayonnaise pizza outside of japan and they have other really interesting toppings
  • KFC the menu is a bit different, so if you want to try something familiarly unfamiliar~
  • partyland because according to one of my followers, it used to be yogurtland but for some reason they changed the chain completely. they also have frozen yogurt crepes, which is something different :)

because japan

  • mister donut because pon de rings are life
  • basically any crepe or parfait place because god sweets are just amazing in japan, i usually pay about 700 yen (if you’re on a budget like me)
  • sweets paradise for 1500 yen all-you-can-eat sweets
  • saizerya because it’s cheap “italian” food and i put that in parentheses for a reason, but its pretty great for cheap people and you get interesting stuff there too
  • kaitenzushis (kurazushi, kappazushi, etc) because 100 yen per plate sushi.
  • pomme’s because omurice is delicious there
  • coco ichibanya if your town/city/whatever doesn’t have curry house or if you’ve never had japanese curry
  • lotteria if you want to try another japanese burger place
  • freshness burger too
  • beard papa’s if you don’t have that back where you live
  • gyoza no oshou because gyoza
  • first kitchen also has interesting burgers and fries with different kinds of seasoning, like soy sauce, consomme, etc. i personally like their fries :3
  • yoshinoya/sukiya because gyudon/beef bowls are awesome.. unless you already have one at home
  • pizza-la see domino’s explanation

i mean if you ever feel stuck on what to try next, feel free to just click the random button on my blog, i hope that helps though? just keep an open mind and walk into whatever restaurants look great, that’s what i’ve been doing :3

if you’re in osaka, i can give you some restaurants i’ve really enjoyed, but i can’t really do that for anywhere else, sorry!

Have you tried the new 焼きキットカット yet? I want to but I don't have an oven hahahah T___T
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omfg there’s a W H A T

*licks and eats this blog tbh*
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ブログが大好きです! 留学生ですか? 学校はどこにありますか。あたしは東京に住んでいます。よろしくお願いしまーす。
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translated: i love your blog! are you a study abroad student? where’s your school? i’m living in tokyo. it’s nice to meet you or whatever the equivalent for yoroshiku onegaishimasu is.


thank you so much! lol


yes i’m a study abroad student.


i’m studying at kansai.


that’s great. nice to meet you!

Nham delicious blog!!! ♥
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I have a love / hate relationship with your blog. I love everything about it, but I really hate how hungry I get seeing all the wonderful food. All kidding aside thank you so much for sharing your adventures with us. Arigatou gozaimasu - Jim
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i think it's agedama, like fried dough? youtube RunnyRunny99 --> /watch?v=cn4LeWYk9Kk
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