omg literally laughing right now... your caption on this post /post/25015386518
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lmao oh my god that was so long ago

Did you study abroad through your college or through a program like CSA? Just wondering I'm trying to study abroad in Japan this summer but it's SOOO expensive through my school
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i went through my school and studied abroad at kansai gaidai, so the finances were taken care of. sorry :(

does anyone have suggestions for this anon?

Do you live in Japan or are you on vacation there? If yes could post pictures of some of the food you eat? =)
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i was in japan last semester from january to mid-july for study abroad :)

click here for study abroad pictures i’ve already posted
click here for pictures i’ve taken since the blog started

What do you look like when you're blogging? =)
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i guess like this, this is my face 90%/all day.

For the person that asked, the parfait place you went to is called Softcreamland Sweden (there's an access map on the website) and on every 3rd of the month (except January and July) the parfait you had is half price.
+ trifectaofje

the one i went to was in hankyu osaka

also thank you @trifectaofje!

So you didn't pay 3,000 yen then.
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oh my god.

the parfait is 3000 yen

i shared it with 2 other people

3000 yen divided by 3 is 1000

i paid ten dollars

why is this a difficult concept to grasp

You paid 30 dollars for a parfait???
+ listenupmaggots

i paid 10, which is a pretty standard price for normal-sized parfaits.

I fucking love your blog
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i fucking love you

Do you think eating habits in anime are what people do in the US? ;-;
+ maximum-karma

can you give me an example? ._.

I'm in a class that we read short stories in Japanese. I don't know how to learn the word meanings and how to read the kanji without flashcards (we don't have to know how to write them), but there's too many for flashcards! It would take too much time to make them, and then more time afterwards to study them. I'm trying to figure out how to best study for this class; do you have any advice? I'll ask the teacher as well but other input would be great too. Thanks!
+ Anonymous

i would write the meanings on a piece of paper for each story then just speed study until i remember all of them. D:

Have you gotten a little fluffier since studying here? I've gained more than 5 kilos. T_T I HAS NO WILLPOWER
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i actually lost 4.5 kilos…. lol *awkward*

Oh my gosh I love your blog. You post so many cute foods and it's just a very enjoyable experience to scroll through ^ _ ^ also, if you are still looking for an anime to watch, I recommend Sword Art Online and Ouran Highschool Host Club.
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i’ve already seen a few episodes of ouran a while ago and it didn’t really peak my interest. i’ll make sure to check out sword art online once i finish kill la kill ^____^ thank you for the compliments and the recommendations! :D

But your blog is nice
+ delcisco

why’d you add the but? D:

thank you though!

I'm partway through the Japanese major at my school and I've got very little motivation. I think I still want to learn this language, but I really don't have a huge drive or passion for it or anything that I'd do with it. I'm just kindof meh. Help?
+ Anonymous

you may need a reminder as to why you decided to learn the language in the first place, get back into the roots of what made you decide that majoring in japanese was for you/your future. you may have forgotten what your goal was down the line, which is completely normal.

after a few years of learning, it does start to wear you down because it gets tedious when you’re learning it in such a formal setting. 

making friends of the same major or are fluent in the language will help motivate you if you try to push each other to become better. another is finding something that you like in terms of japanese culture (religion, music, food, traveling, etc.) and use that as motivation. try joining a japanese culture-related club (if your school has one) and going from there.

if you have the means, i’d definitely recommend a trip to japan/study abroad(yes i can’t shut up about it. i’m really sorry lol). figure out if the language is really something you want to study. if it’s not, i wish you the best of luck on what you plan to pursue in the near future, and if it is, awesome! :)

do you have twitter? :)
+ lindadesu

i’m sorry, but i don’t :(