what’s your name?

are you japanese?

what’s your ethnicity?
i’m asian, that’s all i’ll say :) 

what’s your nationality?

are you a boy or a girl?

where do you live?
southern california.

how old are you?

what college are you going to?
a university. 

do you understand japanese?
enough to get around the country.

how long have you been studying?
6 years formally. 

why hasn’t my submission been posted?
i only post one submission a day, so chances are, i have multiple submissions going through the queue! just be patient :) if it’s not posted within a week or two, message me because i might have forgotten!

why didn’t you answer my question?

chances are that i looked at it and was planning on answering it later but i ended up forgetting, just send me a reminder and i’ll answer it as soon as possible!

how did you get that youtube music player on your page? 

can you post a picture of your face?
how about no D: 

will you promot-


do you follow for fol-