ちらし寿司 (by microwalrus)


ちらし寿司 (by microwalrus)



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Any tips for learning Japanese?
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when in doubt, katakana. when you start to learn japanese, you will run into vocabulary difficulties. when you do, sometimes turning the word into katakana will actually help… because there’s a chance that it’s a katakana word: like ice cream in japanese is actually aisu kuri-mu or cakeke-ki. there’s a lot of similar english words in japanese. this is used best when talking to japanese people though. sorry this tip sounds really stupid… i’m really terrible at explaining, but this is actually my favorite and most useful tip that i’ve applied in all the years i’ve studied.

my friends like to have little memorization tricks, a pretty popular one is the phrase for “you’re welcome” which is “douitashimashite" which kind of sounds like "don’t touch my mustache.” my japanese teacher from high school also liked telling little stories for difficult words… they were terribly corny, but i can’t forget some vocab because of it.

most importantly, do not give up. japanese is really difficult the more you get into the formalities, verb conjugation, characters, etc. it’ll get difficult to stay determined, but it’s a beautiful language. make sure you stay motivated :)

you should also find tips that better suit your learning style, but you will eventually end up coming up with your own tips.

also flashcards. flashcards help a lot.

i’m really exhausted so i can’t think right now, but if i come up with more/better ones, i’ll post it sometime in the future. sorry if these tips don’t help :/

What are those little fish things?
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it’s whitebait, shirasu in japanese :)

Whitebait is a collective term for the immature fry of fish, typically between 25 and 50 millimetres long. Such young fish often travel together in schools along the coast, and move into estuaries and sometimes up rivers where they can be easily caught with fine meshed fishing nets.

Whitebait are tender and edible, and can be regarded as a delicacy. The entire fish is eaten including head, fins, bones, and guts. Some species make better eating than others, and the particular species that are marketed as “whitebait” varies in different parts of the world.